When Reverend Renner’s mentor gives him a brass rubbing of a skeleton, nicknamed Bonesy, a chain of calamity ensues. Bonesy breaks free from its frame and begins a violent, chaotic search for--what? It’s up to Renner and his investigative partner, ex-linebacker Dale Quist, to uncover Bonesy’s spectral motives. Bonesy takes Renner & Quist on their most treacherous, rollicking supernatural adventure yet, a journey that will lead them from the ghost of Carole Lombard to the fens of Tudor England. Join them--in Bonesy.


“A fantastic Renner & Quist adventure. Five out of five.”

Erik Smith, The Low Budget Book Review

“Rigney’s series is in a class of its own. Brilliant prose. Highly recommended.”

                        William P. Maynard, Black Gate

“Part five can’t come out soon enough. I adore these stories! My new favorite duo.”

                       Horror Maiden’s Book Reviews


Prequels in the same series, in sequential order:

The Skates (eBook only)

Sleeping Bear (eBook only)

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