Mark Rigney

Note: I’ll be following a wandering star for the first half of 2014.  Much as I love this page, I do not expect to update it until sometime in July.  To keep tabs on my whereabouts, try my (open) Facebook account.

Meanwhile, the final proofs are in for Sleeping Bear, so look for that title in early February, 2014.  Sleeping Bear is the sequel to The Skates, above, and the next in the series is Check-Out Time, my first novel, due to arrive in late summer 2014.  Check back for details!

Fiction updates: Unlikely Story has published “Found Items,” a violent slice of fiction covering cicadas and PTSD.  Profanity abounds; be forewarned.

Upcoming: an essay in J Journal, a literary outing in the spring 2014 edition of The Beloit Fiction Journal, and a new Renner & Quist story in a future issue of the venerable horror mag, Cemetery Dance.  

A brand-new web ‘zine has published “Mayor Of a Flourishing City,” and you can read it (free!) at Betwixt.  Hard copies are also available (translation: 
support small press magazines!).

More good prose news:
“In the Lands of the Nationalists,” a memoir of Serbia 
(and Serbia’s derelict trains) is now available in the travel anthology Whereabouts from 2Leaf Press. 

On the stage, the fortieth production of Acts of God has been licensed, together with the second production of Ten Red Kings.  Meanwhile, Bears is quietly steaming toward a 2015 Los Angeles opening; cross your fingers that the bears will stay the course!