Mark Rigney

As of 7/21/14, six months of travel are officially complete: U.S. border agents have, once again, allowed me to return to my country of birth.

The cover art for Check-Out Time is complete. Yes, that’s right, my first published novel will be released October 7th. 
I’ll convert the cover to a live link once it’s available for sale.

Several new stories have been published in my absence, including “Ms. Henry In Rehearsal,” available in The Beloit Fiction Journal. This one is print-only, btw.
Meanwhile, a new Renner & Quist story is slated for a future issue of the venerable horror mag, Cemetery Dance.  

Betwixt has reprinted “Robbie’s Zona Cero,” and you can read it for FREE at this LINK. But! it’s important to support small press magazines, so if you like what you read, please consider purchasing a hard copy to share with friends.

More good prose news:
“In the Lands of the Nationalists,” a memoir of Serbia 
(and Serbia’s derelict trains) is now available in the travel anthology Whereabouts from 2Leaf Press. 

On the stage, the fortieth production of Acts of God has been licensed, together with the third and fourth productions of Ten Red Kings.  Progress!  If you enjoy ten-minute plays, I’ve placed short work not just in the 2014 edition of 
Best Ten-Minute Plays but in the 2013 and 2012 editions as well. 
Click on the cover to order.