Mark Rigney

Alert! Because one of my publishers has declared bankruptcy, some of the above images may connect to dead links! Such are the perils of a writing life...

Alert Number Two: my latest play, One Over Par, opens Friday, Feb. 9th, at Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis. Details to follow. In the meantime, enjoy the photo below of my 2016 IndyFringe show, Spaghetti Western 3D.

Meanwhile, my entry to 2015’s IndyFringe Festival, The Shout, has now been published by Playscripts, Inc. and you can read an excerpt HERE.

For more on my fiction, click HERE. For more on my plays, click HERE.

As of 1/18/16, I’ve been featured on Evansville Podcast. The process was fun and the results are very flattering (as in, I sound intelligent). Check it out HERE!

For a somewhat older print interview, click HERE.

For an even more extensive interview, dated 6/9/15, click HERE.

Finally, my email has changed. Please reach me at:

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