Mark Rigney

Look out, world. My email has changed. Please reach me at:

Calling all fantasy readers: as of 1/12/16, the latest installment of my first-ever serialized novel has been posted. It’s gaining a readership and beginning to draw some real attention, so come on along, hop on the bandwagon. Click HERE for Chapter One, or HERE for Chapter Eight!

In theater, Indie Theater Now has published four of my plays: Bears, Cavers, Nightjars, and Burning Mona Lisa In the Reptile House, plus a selection of ten-minute shorts. Click on the icon, below, to visit the site, read excerpts, or purchase downloads.

Bonesy, the sequel to Check-Out Time, has arrived! Click HERE to travel to a dedicated Bonesy page and read the reviews so far.

If you enjoyed Check-Out Time and/or my other Renner & Quist titles, their very first story is available for FREE exclusively HERE.

For more on my fiction, click HERE. For more on my plays, click HERE.

As of 1/18/16, I’ve been featured on Evansville Podcast. The process was fun and the results are very flattering (as in, I sound intelligent). Check it out HERE!

For a somewhat older print interview, click HERE.
For an even more extensive interview, dated 6/9/15, click HERE.