Mark Rigney

As of 8/28/15, The Shout has finished its run at IndyFringe 2015. Indy’s local news rag, NUVO, had this to say: “Mark Rigney’s smart dialogue simultaneously entertains while asking questions important for each of us to consider.” Nice.

Speaking of theater, over the past nine months, Indie Theater Now has published four of my plays: Bears, Cavers, Nightjars, and Burning Mona Lisa In the Reptile House, plus a selection of ten-minute shorts. Click on the icon, below, to visit the site, read excerpts, or purchase downloads.

Look for Bonesy, the sequel to Check-Out Time, to arrive on September first, 2015. The first review (The Low-Budget Book Review) rates it “five out of five” and calls it a “fantastic Renner & Quist adventure.”

If you enjoy Check-Out Time and/or my other Renner & Quist titles, their very first story is available for FREE exclusively HERE.

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