Gallery of
Past Productions
Acts of God photos courtesy of
Gaining Ground photos courtesy of Dick Tatum
Burning Mona Lisa photos courtesy of Jim Panowski
Nightjars photos courtesy of Sandra Forman
Cavers photos courtesy of Paul Gillis
Cavers photos (Nov. 2010) courtesy of Rachel Eisley
Acts of God at King’s West photos courtesy of Peggy Whelan
Acts of God at Thomas Worthington courtesy of David Hopton
Cavers promotional shot (Nov. 2010) courtesy of Brian Flores
Bears photos (2011) courtesy of the Reverb Collective, now Sans A Productions
Bears photos (Nov. 2012, NMU) courtesy of Craig Rademacher
Acts of God at Bishop DuBourg courtesy of Jim Leibrecht
Acts of God at Summit Christian Academy courtesy of Emily Stam
Bears photos (2013, Sans A Productions at 59e59) courtesy of Sally Cade Holmes
Ten Red Kings at Santa Barbara City College (Nov. 2014) courtesy of Leslie Holtzman
Techies at North High School, Evansville, IN.
Summertime at Ground & Field, Davis, CA (Oct. 2018) photos courtesy of Tom Burmester