Writing Samples

Plays published by Playscripts, Inc. include: Acts of God, The Shout, Ten Red Kings, and the short piece, “Porch Revival.”

Plays available on the New Play Exchange include Bears, Michael Cleveland, Summertime, The Fox, Saint Harley (Adventure Girl!), and two short pieces, “End of the Rainy Season” and “Caretta-Caretta.”

Plays published by the One-Act Play Depot include the short piece, “Mules.”

Plays published by ArtAge, the Senior Resource Center, include the short piece, “Griddle Cakes.”

Plays published Smith & Kraus in their Best 10-Minute Plays anthologies include “Migratory Birds of Iraq” (2012), “Twenty-Three Hundred” (2013), “End of the Rainy Season” (2014), and “Comfort Zones” (2018).