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Lightspeed cover

"Portfolio" (Lightspeed)

Betwixt Issue 4 cover

"Robbie’s Zona Cero" (reprint, Betwixt, Spring 2014)

Unlikely Story Issue 6 cover

"The Latest Incarnation of Secondhand Johnny" (Unlikely Story, Fall 2013)

“The scenario is inspired and worked-out well. Johnny himself works out his own salvation, and it turns out fantastically well. Recommended.” – Lois Tilton, Locus “Nicely done, imaginative tale.” – Sam Tomaino, SFRevue

"The Paint-Over Artist" (Wyldblood, Issue 1, 2021)

Ancient New cover

"The Haunting of Beethoven’s Fifth" (Ancient New, Deepwood Publishing)

A Big Book of Strange, Weird and Wonderful volume 2 cover

"Karen Addy’s Cat Flap" (The Big Book Strange, Weird, & Wonderful Vol. II, Strange, Weird, & Wonderful Publishing)

“This is a well-told and surprisingly light-hearted tale with a satisfyingly thoughtful ending.” – Mary Patterson Thornburg, Amazon Review

Shelter of Daylight cover

"One Winner Only" (Shelter of Daylight, Sam’s Dot Publishing)

Shadow Regions cover

"Called On Account" (Shadow Regions, Cavern Press)

“Another excellently written story is Mark Rigney’s 'Called on Account.’” - Oz Horrorscope
This story is also available as a podcast (!) at Tales to Terrify. Comments from listeners at Tales to Terrify call this story, “A beautiful example of disturbing and ungory fright,” and, “Oh, jeepers, creepers, this is the soul-chilling kind of horror that made me want to read more horror as a kid…pure gold from the crypt!” To join the fun, click on the cover of Shadow Regions.

Altered States cover

"That Business With the Hole" (Altered States, Main Street Press)

Escape Clause cover

"Robbie’s Zona Cero" (Escape Clause, Ink Oink Art, Inc.)

The Oddville Press cover

"What Bison Feel" (The Oddville Press, Spring 2014)

Terror Train cover

"Customs" (reprint, Terror Train, Spring 2014)

“Mark Rigney’s masterful ‘Customs’ unfolds like black silk, and reminded me of shorter work from Paul Bowles, or those slice-of-life Sam Shepard pieces that patiently creep into your mind and heart like snake venom. Rigney’s alienated protagonist confronts a sort of physically manifested emblem of loneliness and existential nausea, in a genuinely nightmarish yarn. If he can sustain such effects at novel-length, we’re in for a treat.” – William Grabowski, Hellnotes

This story first appeared in Day Terrors, below.

Betwixt Issue 1 cover

"Mayor Of a Flourishing City" (Betwixt, Fall 2013)

The Long Story cover

"Roll With It" (The Long Story, No. 31)

“…engaging plots, neat structures, and round and diverse characters. Long live The Long Story!” – Julie Nichols, New Pages

Not One of Us cover

"A Perfect Wedded Bliss" (Not One Of Us, Oct. 2012)

Realms of Fantasy cover

"Magpie" (Realms Of Fantasy, February 2011)

“The February 2011 issue of Realms of Fantasy is definitely the best issue in recent memory.” – Dreaming About Other Worlds. Received an Honorable Mention from Best Horror of the Year Vol. 4 – E. Datlow. Named as one of the Best Short Stories of 2011 – Sarah Lee Parker, The Last Short Story.

Day Terrors cover

"Customs" (Day Terrors, 2011)

Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine cover

"The Scorpion Blues" (Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, Sep-Oct 2006)

Talebones cover

"His Master’s Voice" (Talebones, Winter 2006)

“…if I’d have known what this was going to be about before I actually read it, I might have avoided reading it at all. Which would have been a terrible shame…” Honorable Mention, Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2008 “Rigney’s song is a fine homage to Lomax and the tradition he helped preserve from the obscurity of time.” – Lois Tilton

All Hallows 40 cover

"The Experts" (All Hallows, Oct 2005)

Rain Crow Issue 2 cover

"Hearts of Cobalt Blue" (Rain Crow, 2001)

Notes on My Four Samhain Titles

Bonesy: A Renner and Quist Adventure coverWhen Samhain Publishing went belly-up in 2016, my four Renner & Quist titles, The Skates, Sleeping Bear, Check-Out Time, and Bonesy, vanished from print. They remain near and dear to my heart, and could best be described as “comic horror,” if such a genre is possible. (Donald O’Connor had it right: “Make ‘em Laugh.”) I look forward to one day finding new homes for all the Renner & Quist titles, including the two short stories that appeared in Not One of Us and Cemetery Dance (both available at my Downloads page), and to penning my semi-dynamic duo’s final and concluding adventure.

I do have a few trade paper copies remaining of Bonesy and of Check-Out Time, which I would be happy to send along to curious readers for the cover price plus shipping. My email is at the bottom of this page.



The Skates cover

The Skates (Samhain Publishing)

"This book is grand entertainment.” - William P. Maynard, Black Gate "Warning: put your beverages down before reading or be prepared to clean your screen afterward... I’ll be watching for the next Renner and Quist book.” - Love Romances and More "4 1/2 Stars! This was a fabulous story.” - Diana Coyle, Night Owl Suspense "Very engaging...highly recommended. I loved the characters!” - Horror Maiden’s Book Reviews

Sleeping Bear: A Renner and Quist Adventure cover

Sleeping Bear (Samhain Publishing)

"Sheer perfection. I can't recommend this series enough.” - Horror Maiden's Book Reviews "Top notch. This tale was stellar from beginning to end and worked perfectly as a stand-alone. If you're not familiar with Rigney's work already, make a change.” - Horror Novel Reviews "It may only be February, but I may very well have already found my favorite book of the year.” - William P. Maynard, Black Gate

Check-Out Time: A Renner and Quist Adventure cover

Check-Out Time (Samhain Publishing)

"It truly becomes something unique, often showing a very refreshing take on what could have become a run-of-the-mill ghost story in the hands of another writer.” - Damon Smith, Cemetery Dance "A creepy story that sent a shiver up my spine more than once.” - Julie Flanders, Untethered Realms "I totally enjoyed this captivating Supernatural, and hope Reverend Renner and Dale Quist continue their partnership––forever.” - Mallory Heart Reviews

"I can't get enough of this intrepid ghost-hunting duo! I love these stories, and the next Renner & Quist adventure can't come soon enough!" - Horror Maiden's Book Reviews

Bonesy: A Renner and Quist Adventure cover

Bonesy (Samhain Publishing)

"A fantastic Renner & Quist adventure. Five out of five” - Erik Smith, The Low Budget Book Review "Part Five can't come out soon enough. I adore these stories. My new favorite duo.” - Horror Maiden's Book Reviews "Rigney's series is in a class of its own. Brilliant prose. Highly recommended.” - William P. Maynard, Black Gate

Deaf Side Story cover

Deaf Side Story (Gallaudet University Press)

“Rigney’s account of this small tale of an unusual production is intelligent and humane.” - The Boston Globe

Deaf Side Story proves itself to be a small and unlikely pleasure” - Santa Barbara News Press

Whereabouts cover

Whereabouts (2Leaf Press)

“Compellingly narrative and, at times, dazzlingly lyrical...” Henry Hughes, The Harvard Review

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