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On this page, you can find a wide variety of my short stories, also a selection of short plays, all available for download in pdf format. All have been previously published, so they’ve been judged and validated by a number of talented editors and curators. For a synopsis of any given story, just click on the title.

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Short Plays

The following short plays are included as free downloads. Most have been produced, several have been published in anthologies (including in multiple editions of Best Ten-Minute Plays), and a few have won awards. 
The most recent titles are “The Rescue Party” and “A Bench in the Shade.” Plays written specifically for teen actors include “Caretta-caretta,” “Carly Lynn Redtop,” “Lockdown,” and “The Rising Cost of Vinyl.” The piece with the most productions is “End of the Rainy Season.” 
To secure licensing and production rights (not free, but very reasonable), please contact me directly.