“Vinyl Wonderland” available for pre-order!

Now that CCTA is over, I can report that my contribution, “Selling Baby Prairie,” found productions on three continents and six different countries, including two new ones for me, the Netherlands and New Zealand. One would think that this sort of exposure would make humble Baby Prairie (read: my back yard) a global celebrity, but sadly, even a good many of my neighbors have no idea what my native gardening is all about, and even less of an idea about my writing life.

However! Perhaps Vinyl Wonderland will shift the needle, as my publishers at Castle Bridge Media like to say. Yes, the rumors are true: after several years of living life as an out-of-print novelist, all thanks to the untimely implosion of Samhain Press, I’m back with a new offering, and a well-received one, too. Here’s what advance readers are saying:

“This book was the highlight of my fall. It’s absolutely wonderful. I finished a project on Sunday night and cracked it open mostly out of curiosity, and the next thing I knew, it was three a.m. I finished the book this morning at four a.m. This is the best contemporary fantasy I’ve read in years.” – Todd McAulty, author of The Robots of Gotham

“Splendid, inventive, compelling, and surprising, Rigney knows how to seize and hold his readers.” – Howard Andrew Jones, author of The Ringsworn Trilogy and Lord of a Shattered Land

“The resolution is truly powerful. I was brought to tears, tears I trusted. It’s a great example of the kind of novel that uses its magical aspect to tell a purely human story. A lovely work.” – Rich Horton, Editor, The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy

Look for Vinyl Wonderland to appear somewhere around December, 2024. “Something’s coming, something good…” Until then, you can enjoy the cover (revealed as of this week, with a shout-out to Instagrammer @ladybug_shirls) and even pre-order by taking a trip over Castle Bridge Media. While there, maybe some additional titles might pique your curiosity? Remember, not all great books come from the giants of Random House and their (often excellent) ilk. Small presses get the job done, too.

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